I really dislike High Ticket. It makes it sound way too transactional. 

We work with people and want to help people, so I much prefer to say that my more expensive offers are high-value, as this is exactly what my clients get. 

If you’ve ever wondered how I managed to successfully sell high-ticket masterminds, let me share some insider insights. It’s not just about the price tag it’s about the value and transformation these masterminds offer.

When I first launched my masterminds at Peakes, the key was building a foundation of trust. I started by creating genuine connections with my members, understanding their challenges, and showing them the potential of what we could achieve together.

Here’s what made the difference:

💥Showcasing Real Transformation

It’s crucial to focus on the transformation your mastermind can bring about, rather than just its features. For me, sharing real stories of growth – both business and personal – from existing members is a game-changer.

💥Building Relationships First

Before talking business, I focused on building relationships. When potential members saw the supportive community we had created, the decision to join became much easier for them.

💥Demonstrating ROI

I made sure to highlight the return on investment in a tangible way. This wasn’t just about revenue growth but also about personal development and the long-term impact on their businesses. Building connections leads to so much more than purely a financial return. 

💥Success Stories and Testimonials

Nothing speaks louder than success stories. I actively share testimonials and case studies, showcasing the significant changes members experience.

💥Adding a Personal Touch

Every interaction was personalised. I made efforts to understand each potential member’s unique needs and how the mastermind could cater specifically to them.

I have spoken to a lot of people who want to create their own Masterminds, and I believe we should all have some sort of high-value community for our clients.

However, I also feel that you do need to have been part of a mastermind before you create your own. By joining other Masterminds you will experience how they are run, what you like, what you don’t like, the structure and how to manage a small close community. 

Do you have plans to launch your own Mastermind, what help would you find the most valuable?