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Nicola is here to inspire and elevate your entrepreneurial journey. If you appreciate real-world experiences and triumphs over adversity, Nicola and Peakes Private Members Club is what you’ve been looking for.

It’s all about building genuine connections and growing together.

Peakes operate on a different wavelength. It’s not about the mass appeal but genuine connections with other entrepreneurs. A community of people who want to support you. Who wants to see you win, and who will inspire you to grow.

Peakes welcomes all business owners from all genres, backgrounds and ethnicities. All business owners are welcome here, and we want to ensure each member has a sense of belonging within our safe place.


Nicola’s story

From a young age, it was evident that Nicola wasn’t one to tread the beaten path.

While her peers were drawn to the academic route of college and university, Nicola’s vision was distinctly different. Real-world experiences beckoned!

At 17 Nicola landed a job at a high street bank as a cashier. A completely new world.  Here, amongst seasoned professionals, she caught a glimpse of what true success looked like and set her heart on achieving it.

By the time Nicola was 25, she had a daughter and had worked hard to qualify as a Financial Adviser.

As a young mother, there were challenges, especially in a highly male-dominated industry. Yet, these hurdles only fuelled Nicola’s drive. She wasn’t just there to make up the numbers; she was there to break barriers and set new standards!

25 years saw Nicola evolve as a beacon for small businesses, farmers, and individuals seeking financial guidance. However, as much as she loved working with and helping people, her love for the industry dwindled.

Nicola Peake, Founder of Peakes Private Members Club
Nicola Peake smiling at a connection event.

Then one sunny day during Lockdown in 2020, Nicola had that impulsive lightbulb moment, as she was sipping on a glass of ice-cold Rose. It’s now or never!  The world might have paused, but Nicola’s aspirations didn’t. So, she gave it all up and set up her own business. A dream she had shelved for years!

Nicola started her new Afternoon Tea business in May, with no clients, no real strategy, and no experience. However, within six months her business was receiving orders every day from across the country.

She turned over 100k in her first 12 months.

Although Chouxlicious was Nicolas’s baby, her real passion has always been to work with people. Spending every day alone at home packing boxes became too solitary. Nicola’s entire career had centred around seeing people face to face – every day!

She has always been passionate about helping others, and she is now committed to helping other ambitious, driven entrepreneurs on their journey.

Nicola has made a fantastic number of connections online, but her essence shines in real-life interactions.

“It’s time to get back into the world, meet clients face to face instead of on Zoom. There’s an undeniable spark when you meet someone in person, an energy that Zoom meetings just can’t replicate.”

A message from Nicola

I’m Nicola Peake, Founder of Peakes Private Members Club.

My passion has always been to help people. My whole career has involved meeting up with fellow ambitious business owners every day and working with them to achieve their goals. Making connections is an overlooked part of business growth, and often the lowest cost!

When I launched my first business, I had no experience and no money. But by making the right connections and focusing my attention on the right people – and a lot of graft – I grew the business to six figures within 12 months, before selling it. So what I’ll be sharing with you inside is action, not theory.

I’ve made a fantastic number of connections online, but the spark comes from meeting people in real life. Now is the best time to get back out into the world and meet people face-to-face instead of on Zoom. To enjoy amazing events that create quality, genuine relationships.

I live in Shropshire, I’m married and have two girls. We have two crazy dogs, Bonnie & Charlie. Unfortunately, it’s not me who rules the roost – it’s our cat, Olaf!

Nicola Peake, Founder of Peakes Private Members Club
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"Nicola Peake has changed my world, and I don't say that lightly! I've met incredible and inspirational people during my time in Peakes. And I've received £1,000's worth of business from these amazing people who have decided to work with me. Peakes is such a special place because it's so inclusive."

Kylie Anna

Peakes Private Member

"I'm a relatively new member of Nicola's mastermind and I love it. A safe place to share, ask questions, get advice and support at the same time as the opportunity to build connections and real relationships with other business owners. Awesome."


Peakes Private Member

"I joined Peakes to be around like-minded business owners who were in a similar position to me. This membership has given me instant access to a network of people who can support the growth of my business. It's fantastic! I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about joining. Thanks for everything, Nicola!"

Rachael Hall

Peakes Private Member

"I've been part of the VIP Mastermind group and all I can say is WOW. Everyone is so lovely and welcoming. The support I’ve received already is priceless."

Sam Cameron

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