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"Nicola Peake has changed my world, and I don't say that lightly! I've met incredible and inspirational people during my time in Peakes. And I've received £1,000's worth of business from these amazing people who have decided to work with me. Peakes is such a special place because it's so inclusive."

Kylie Anna

Peakes Private Member

"I'm a relatively new member of Nicola's mastermind and I love it. A safe place to share, ask questions, get advice and support at the same time as the opportunity to build connections and real relationships with other business owners. Awesome."


Peakes Private Member

"I joined Peakes to be around like-minded business owners who were in a similar position to me. This membership has given me instant access to a network of people who can support the growth of my business. It's fantastic! I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about joining. Thanks for everything, Nicola!"

Rachael Hall

Peakes Private Member

"I've been part of the VIP Mastermind group and all I can say is WOW. Everyone is so lovely and welcoming. The support I’ve received already is priceless."

Sam Cameron

Peakes Private Member