The Connections Retreat


Peakes Private Members recently went on an extraordinary Spa Retreat Event in the heart of Scotland, offering an exclusive business sanctuary for entrepreneurs seeking growth connection.

In the relaxed settings of Loch Tay Manor, Perthshire, all private members immersed themselves in a supportive and enjoyable environment, building genuine connections with like-minded individuals. The event encouraged meaningful business relationships in a non-pitching environment.

For two years running in October 2022 and 2023, attendees were treated to a transformational five-day experience that allowed for building deeper connections with fellow action-taking entrepreneurs. Mastermind sessions were a key highlight, providing a powerful platform for learning from peers and gaining valuable insights. Additionally, members also engaged in enriching business and mindset sessions aimed at boosting their success.

The retreat beautifully balanced these growth-oriented aspects with leisure and adventure. This retreat also made sure to include downtime for relaxation, engaging conversations, and even a chance to showcase inner talents through karaoke sessions, ensuring a personalised and enjoyable experience for each member of Peakes.