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Where Ambition Meets Authenticity

In the world of Private Members Clubs, a revolution is quietly taking root. It’s not only about grand premises in the heart of a bustling city, nor is it about being seen in elite circles. It’s about genuine connection, authentic growth, and an undying passion for business growth.

Peakes isn’t just another Private Members Club.

It’s a unique mix of real business connections, business coaching, and strategy to map your entrepreneurial  journey.

Traditional members clubs may offer plush armchairs and polished wooden bars, but Peakes offers far more valuable, authentic experiences, from a focused Mastermind suite to in person days purely focused on business growth, and social events where your relationships will really bloom. You will be part of a community of people who want to make a difference. 

We create exceptional experiences across the UK, each designed with the genuine business owner in mind. Peakes has a fresh approach to exclusivity.


In the warm embrace of Peakes, there’s no room for vanity. We’ve created a space where every member feels valued and respected. You won’t find any airs of superiority here, only a community of passionate individuals eager to lift each other up.

Our members are real, ambitious, driven and bound together through their shared love for business and real business connections.

You’re not just another face in the crowd at Peakes. Every member is respected for their dedication to their expertise and their drive to succeed.

We’ve built an exclusive Mastermind haven for business owners, not the elite.

Within this exclusive Private Members Club, you can access the right level of connection and business support to meet you where you are currently at, whether this is within the Founders Community which is perfect for those who are on their journey to 6 figures, or our Fearless Community which is where you need to be once you have reached the VAT Threshold.

We are dedicated to supporting you at the  various stages of your business growth, ensuring that you’re always surrounded by peers who understand your journey.

Beneath the fun and the shared laughter, Peakes has a singular mission, which is to propel you to success within your business.

Every interaction, every event, and every conversation is tailored to inspire growth.

With added business support and masterminding, we’re not just about networking – we’re about tangible results.

Join Us on this Exciting Venture

Peakes is more than just a club. It’s a community, a movement, a fresh take on what it means to be part of an exclusive circle in today’s fast-paced world. Here, dreams transform into realities, and aspirations are met with genuine support.

Become part of a club that values authenticity over prestige, and real growth over mere appearances. 






Perfect for business owners who are scaling to 6 figures.

Dedicated to ambitious entrepreneurs who are driven to achieve their first big business goals and level of growth. 

In the Founders Lounge, this is where passion meets action, and dreams transition into realities.

We’ve tailored this community for founders like you, those on the path to reaching their income peaks, their individual success and are hungry for more.

Expert Guidance Without the Price Tag

While masterminds and top-tier memberships offer immense value, such as our Fearless Community, we understand they might not fit where you are right now.

Money shouldn’t be the barrier between you and your dreams. That’s why The Founders Community is priced for founders who are conscious of cash flow yet yearn for high-value support.


 Upgrade to Founders VIP for all of the benefits listed above PLUS 2 x exclusive Mastermind Days for you. All for just an additional £50p/m.


Perfect for those who are working towards or scaling beyond 6 figures 

As your business is growing, you not only need more support, you also need to be in the right rooms with the right people.

If you have reached the VAT Threshold, then this is good indicator that you need to focus on far more in your business, such as operations, building a team around you, getting closer to your numbers and freeing up more of your time to work on consistent sales. The Fearless Community will be perfect for you.

In the Fearless Community, you will be within a smaller, more exclusive, inner circle of leading entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the types of successful business owners we have in the community…

🌟Coaches and Consultants

🌟Social Media Agencies

🌟Course Creators

🌟Community Leaders

🌟Book Publishers

🌟Financial Professionals

🌟Authors and Speakers

🌟Event Creators.


Speaking session at a Peakes Event book launch.


Discover the Power of Authentic Connection at Peakes Private Members Club

At Peakes, we believe in the transformative power of in-person connections.

We stand out because we put genuine relationships at the heart of everything we do. It’s not about networking, it’s about creating deep, meaningful relationships which create business breakthroughs and provide unwavering support.

We are committed to creating an environment where you feel comfortable, valued, and ready to uncover your business’s true potential.

Our mastermind days are meticulously designed to offer valuable advice, facilitate insightful discussions, and cultivate a sense of community.

You’re not just another face in the crowd, you’re a vital part of a thriving network of professionals eager to uplift and support one another.

But at Peakes, it’s not all business. We cherish the social aspect of our club, creating events that are as enjoyable as they are beneficial.

These gatherings are an opportunity to strengthen the friendships you are building within our community, ensuring that your professional network is also a source of personal joy and fulfillment.

Unlike other memberships and masterminds that may sprinkle events throughout their calendar as an afterthought, events are the core of what makes Peakes so special. It’s where magic happens, collaborations are born, and referrals are exchanged freely.

This is where you lay the foundation for exponential growth, both personally and financially.

Joining Peakes means stepping into a world of exclusivity and opportunity. It means being part of a community that values face-to-face interaction and understands the undeniable impact it has on your income.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your business, build an unbreakable support network, and make lasting friendships along the way, the Peakes community is waiting for you



For 12 months



Inclusive of VAT – Monthly





Inclusive of VAT – Monthly


  •  Founders VIP Members will receive 2 x Exclusive in-person Mastermind Days per year***
  • Monthly 90 minute Group Online Mastermind Meetings.
  • Monthly community Network Meeting. Designed for you to get to know each other better. 
  • Monthly Wellbeing Coffee & Chat, hosted by Nicky Marshall, with time for you to refresh and meet each other. 
  • Monthly online training session, hosted by industry experts with an open Q&A. Bringing what you need in your business. 
  • Whatsapp access to Nicola every Monday. Use this time to ask a focused question which will help you in your business.
  • Weekly Business Clinics – There is a general open business clinic for you to drop in and ask for any help you need that week.
  • Weekly Focused Business Clinics. Each week you will be able to drop in to these dedicated specific clinics to get more help in your business. 
  • We have Tech Clinics, so if you are struggling with a sales page, a funnel, a crm system or anything else, you can drop in for added support. 
  • LinkedIn clinic, so if you want to learn more about how to grow your business on LinkedIn you can join these open sessions.
  • Content Creation for your digital Platforms, if you are struggling on writing blogs, content or creating reels, you can join the session and ask for help.
  • Social Media Clinic, are you building your visibility on Facebook or Instagram? Use these sessions to ask for more help.


*** Exclusive Benefit for Founders VIP Members Only.



For 12 Months

SAVING £2367


Inclusive of VAT – Monthly


The Fearless Community is for those who are ready to step into their CEO role. Those who appreciate the work involved in growing their business, but who are Fealress and ready to do what it takes regardless.

Once you hit the VAT Threshold you need to step up into here for the. next big step in your business journey. 

This Mastermind offers a holistic approach around supporting you with your mindset, sales, relationship-building, operations, and all the key components for scaling your business.

This Community is a smaller more exclusive inner circle of leasing entrepreneurs.

Within here you have access to a wealth of experince and knowledge within our coaching team,  regular sessions with your peers to work on your business, group coaching and 1-1 support.

You will also be invited to our three-night business retreat (the next one is the 2nd July 2024) and and our in-person mastermind days at no additional cost.

If you’re serious about joining our Fearless Community and confirm that you can afford the investment, Nicola would love to meet up with you for a complimentary day to see if you would be a good fit.

You may be ready to join us without attending a meet up. Whichever you would prefer, let’s start with an informal chat. You can book a call with Nicola using the button below.

Joining the membership was one of the best things I could have done. It has introduced me to a cracking group of people who understand what it is to be in business. Being in business is lonely… until you join Peakes.

Christina Robinson




Our In-Person Business Events are held every quarter for our Fearless Community Members. 

All of the Mastermind days are held at superb venues, which are easy to access. 

You will also enjoy a lovely fresh lunch wherever we go, no beige buffets in Peakes! 

These are breakthrough days where you get to work closely with each other and have focused 1-1 time, receiving support, advice and feedback on your business from amazing people.

These days are to help you..

✔️ Overcome any problems

✔️ Break down any barriers

✔️ Tap into the vast expert knowledge in the room

✔️ Learn new things from your peers

✔️ Get motivated and inspired

So that you can go back into your business and Make More Money.

There will be ad-hoc additional Mastermind Days throughout the year for both Founders Members and Fearless Members to come together.

There will be 4 EXCLUSIVE events in 2024 which are only open to Peakes Private Members.

In addition to these, there will be PeakeFaest in September and one other larger event which is under wraps for now.

Why would you attend a social event?

Although these events are not focused particularly on business work, they are priceless for cementing the relationships you are building.

These events are about…


✔️ Meeting new people

✔️ Building connections

✔️ Finding your business allys

✔️ Growing a support network around you

✔️ Being connected

✔️ Seeking opportunities to collaborate, receive referrals, introductions and find new potential clients.



Attending the right events and spending time with the right people will help improve your business growth, your confidence, your network and it will make you more money.

Inside Peakes, these events are monthly, there are a variety of different experiences to choose from and locations.

We have enjoyed punting in Cambridge, followed by lunch at the Ivy, a London tour hosted by drag kings and queens, afternoon tea afternoons, cold water swims and much much more. No-one else does Masterminding and Events the way we do in Peakes. 

We had an incredible event at Raymond Blanc’s Le Manior in November. This venue has a 10 month waiting list. This is a world class, highly renowned Michelin-starred hotel and restaurant. Join now and join us for these types of luxurious events.

We also love to hear any ideas, so once you have joined, feel free to let us know what you would love to do. 


“Nicola Peake has changed my world, and I don’t say that lightly! I’ve met incredible and inspirational people during my time in Peakes. And I’ve received £1,000’s worth of business from these amazing people who have decided to work with me. Peakes is such a special place because it’s so inclusive.”


Kylie Anna


See what our private members are saying

"Nicola Peake has changed my world, and I don't say that lightly! I've met incredible and inspirational people during my time in Peakes. And I've received £1,000's worth of business from these amazing people who have decided to work with me. Peakes is such a special place because it's so inclusive."

Kylie Anna

Peakes Private Member

"I'm a relatively new member of Nicola's mastermind and I love it. A safe place to share, ask questions, get advice and support at the same time as the opportunity to build connections and real relationships with other business owners. Awesome."


Peakes Private Member

"I joined Peakes to be around like-minded business owners who were in a similar position to me. This membership has given me instant access to a network of people who can support the growth of my business. It's fantastic! I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about joining. Thanks for everything, Nicola!"

Rachael Hall

Peakes Private Member

"I've been part of the VIP Mastermind group and all I can say is WOW. Everyone is so lovely and welcoming. The support I’ve received already is priceless."

Sam Cameron

Peakes Private Member

I’m Nicola Peake, Founder of Peakes Private Members.


My passion has always been to help people. My whole career has involved meeting up with fellow ambitious business owners every day and working with them to achieve their goals. Making connections is an overlooked part of business growth, and often the lowest cost!

When I launched my first business, I had no experience and no money. But by making the right connections and focusing my attention on the right people – and a lot of graft – I grew the business to six figures within 12 months, before selling it. So what I’ll be sharing with you inside is action, not theory.

I’ve made a fantastic number of connections online, but the spark comes from meeting people in real life. Now is the best time to get back out into the world and meet people face-to-face instead of on Zoom. To enjoy amazing events that create quality, genuine relationships.

I live in Shropshire, I’m married and have two girls. We have two crazy dogs, Bonnie & Charlie. Unfortunately, it’s not me who rules the roost – it’s our cat, Olaf!


I can’t wait for you to join!