Leading a sales call effectively can be one of the most challenging things for some people, and one of the most fun things for others.

To get the most out of your call, start by truly understanding your client’s needs. It’s not about pushing your product; it’s about showing them how working with you can solve their problems.

The next time you’re on a call, try this – Spend the first few minutes just listening. Ask questions that get to the heart of their challenges. You’ll be surprised how much people appreciate feeling heard.

Silences are also OK. Don’t feel like you need to talk and fill any quiet gaps; let the clients talk more.

Ensure that you show that you understand where they are at and how they are feeling. 

When you come to offer your service or product, make sure that you don’t just list all the benefits, but you link the features to where they need help the most. This shows them that you have listened, and it shows how you can help them right now. 

Give some examples of your clients wins, let them know how you have helped others who have been where they are.

Don’t give too much!  It can be easy on a call to start offering advice straight away, but this isn’t what this call is for. As long as you actively listen, reply back to them what they have said, show empathy and understanding, then all you need to do is let them know how you can help. You do not need to solve anyone’s problems on these calls. 

Don’t overwhelm them with information!  You may have a service which has a lot included, however they may not feel they need all of it right now. All you are doing by listing off everything, is giving them reasons to object, why do they want to pay for all of the features they don’t need? Instead focus on the few which will help them with the transformation they are looking for. All of the others will then be a bonus when they receive them once they have joined. 

How do you find sales calls? What do you struggle with the most?