Fearless Connection Book Launch


In June 2023, Peakes Private Members Club celebrated the launch of the Amazon bestseller, Fearless Connection

The book features stories from ten entrepreneurs, including the founder of Peakes Private Members Club, Nicola Peake.

The event was more than just a book launch. 

It was an Expo, a gathering of business owners, and an evening of shared insights. Joel Stone, Samantha Lubanzu, and Ben Knight  gave talks during the day and into the evening, each bringing unique perspectives to the event. 

Additionally, Nicky Marshall hosted a workshop on the significance of books in enhancing visibility. And, as with every Peakes event, attendees enjoyed a range of quality food offerings.

The launch epitomised the core values of Peakes Private Members Club: genuine connections and shared growth.



This no.1 bestseller brings together ambitious entrepreneurs to offer valuable and actionable advice.

Inside, they share the importance of making genuine connections in business.

Together, we have created an inspirational book for business owners, packed full of tips and advice, with the lessons we have learned along the way.


Speaking session at a Peakes Event book launch.
Nicola Peake being interviewed at Peakes book launch event.
Ben Knight, Founder of The Trade Tribe speaking at the Peakes Book Launch.
Women smiling at a Peakes Private Members Club event.